Uganda: Bobi Wine scoffs at Museveni youth donation

Bobi Wine

Uganda musician-turned-politician Bobi Wine has mocked President Yoweri Museveni’s donation of 100m Ugandan shillings ($26,000; £20,000) to youth groups in his constituency in the capital, Kampala, NTV Uganda reports.

“Since the regime has nothing else to tell people, they are embarking on buying them – if they can’t intimidate you with bullets they can throw money at you,” he said. “They can’t believe somebody can speak to people without throwing money at them,” he said.

Bobi Wine said the government offered money to the family of his former driver who was shot dead on August 13, which the family has rejected according to the Daily Monitor newspaper. The politician has alleged that he was the target of the shooting.

Mr Museveni’s donation to youth groups in Kampala’s Kamwokya suburb are intended to help boost their small-scale businesses, the Daily Monitor reports.

“You have been given 100m but if you use it well, in future you will get more than that,” Deputy government spokesperson Col Shaban Bantariza, who was representing Mr Museveni, said at the event.

But he also warned young people that if they continued to burn car tyres – which supporters of Bobi Wine have been doing in protest at the government’s treatment of their MP – then the state, he said, would withhold further donations.

NTV Uganda tweeted a video of a resident of Kamwokya (speaking Luganda) dismissing Mr Museveni’s donation.