Nigeria: Buhari fires Delta militants amnesty chief


Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari has fired the head of an amnesty programme for former militants who attacked energy facilities in the Niger Delta oil production heartland.

A spokesman said Brigadier-General Paul Boroh was to be replaced with Professor Charles Quaker Dokubo as the coordinator of the amnesty programme.

The spokesman said Mr Buhari had also ordered “a full investigation into the activities of the amnesty programme from 2015 to date, especially allegations of financial impropriety”.

The amnesty programme, which was agreed upon in 2009, was mean to encourage tens of thousands of militants into giving up their arms in return for a monthly salary and the opportunity to retrain as divers, welders and boat builders at colleges overseas.

But critics regarded the deal as little more than a “bribe for peace” which took up a huge amount of the country’s resources.