Diamond, joined by Rayvanny warn young man who claims Tanasha was her baby but Diamond ‘stole’ her


Wanaflow: A young man recently stirred things up after claiming that he was dating Tanasha Donna before Diamond came and swept her off her feet.

Diamond was recently confronted by a journalist who wanted to know whether it’s true he stole Tanasha for the young man. A shocked Diamond claimed that he had no idea she was even dating anyone when they met.

Diamond added that if she was in a relationship, she would have mentioned it.

“What would I even tell him. She has not told me that she has a boyfriend if she had one they would have to talk it out among themselves,” said Diamond.

Keep off

Fellow Wasafi member Rayvanny  supported his boss saying that the young man should stay away from Tanasha since the two are thinking of settling down now.

“Tell him not to bring war because Tanasha belongs to another man [diamond]. We want to wed her so he should not create a wall for us.” added Rayvanny.