Harmonize reminds us to ‘Never Give up” in new jam


Wanaflow: Take it or leave it.We have to appreciate the fact that Wasafi artists know how to connect with their fans.True?

I mean if you are keen fan or listener to bongo music by these artists, you will realize that they do what the fans want and not just about making the money. But of course the money is also key,anyway that is besides the issue.

New Harmonize

With all the drama that followed him after the ‘Kufukuzisha mwarabu” line in Diamond’s new song Inama. Harmonize seems to have been  busy making music worth his time.

The new jam in town from Harmonize is titled ‘Never give up”. The song is more of  a biographical description of the life of harmonize in his musical journey.


The lyrics in the song take you through his journey from his place of birth to how he ended up in Dar es Salaam.He goes on to tell his fans  to always remember that God is in control of everything that we go through in life.

He himself is grateful for those that picked him up from his lowest, cleaned him  up and gave him an opportunity to stand on his own.

Clear to mention the setbacks in his journey but reminds never to give because life is full of opportunities


Though some would argue about how Tanzania music is far much accepted in Kenya in the East African region, we believe it is because of the lyrical prowess these guys posses.

From the views on youtube, you see that the song has reached those it was intended for.

Rodger Muyumba says,
“I really needed some motivation,Thank you very much.May God keep blessing you.Much Love from Zambia.”

Well good job Harmonize.For rating purposes  give this 8/10.