Willy Paul battles Diamond for top slot in Tanzania


Wanaflow: Willy Paul has been very strategic with his music.

His collaboration with Tanzania’s Nandy has paid off. I recently came across a list of the biggest artistes of the month in Tanzania and I was nothing short of blown away to see Willy Paul’s name there.

And he was not the penultimate name but the second, behind only Diamond!

In case the image isn’t too clear for you, allow me to enumerate them below:

#1. Diamond

#2. Willy Paul

#3. Harmonize

#4. Nandy

#5. Rayvanny

Diamond would be top because who else?

And clearly, Wasafi is the preferred outfit down south the border but Willy Paul’s inclusion might serve as vindication for everyone who has been doubting his moves.

The question remains whether he will be able to permanently establish Tanzanian fans but

I would argue it would be a worthwhile investment in terms of energy and resources because Tanzanian fans are loyal.