Former Machachari actor Almasi spotted with Caucasian male and fans believe they are dating

Almasi was previously heavily criticised for sharing a demonic-like photoshoot. Photo: Ian Nene Source: Instagram Read more:

Wanaflow: Former Machachari actor Ian Munene, alias Almasi has reignited rumors that he might be attracted to the same sex after he shared an extremely suggestive message on his Instagram.

Almasi has been the subject of controversy for the past few years ever since he left the child-show and moved to England where he has tried his best to just be himself.

Being himself has at times played against him, however, as he has been constantly attacked for the way he chose to portray himself on social media.

From gobbling down beer and sharing on social media to cross-dressing in bizarre fashion, Almasi definitely knows how to rattle fans who initially came to love him as an adorable little kid from the show Machachari.

On the question of whether he is attracted to people of the same sex, he has consistently maintained he is as straight as they come while at the same time reiterating he was free to live however he deemed right.

Despite denying gay allegations, his latest photo seemed to once again leave fans questioning whether he was sure of his sexual orientation.

In the photo seen by, the young lad is hanging out with a Caucasian man and the caption left a lot of questions than answers.